Visiting my favorite country!

What’s not to love in the United States?!

I got back from Thailand yesterday, and I have the day off today to do laundry and make this post - finally! The September - October trip went to the United States as you can read about here :-) I haven't planned my December trip yet, and I still don't know what to do, but that's the fun part about it - everything can happen!

Once again I went to MASH at Copenhagen airport, before takeoff. OMG that really IS the best way to start a vacation. I must say! This vacation was with my girlfriend Karina - we also went to California last year, so this time we decided to also stay 2 nights in Vegas, to spice it up a bit.

After we shared the Bone in ribeye, bernaise sauce, fries, macaroni and cheese, creamy spinach and a bottle of Zinfandel (a proper lunch), we were ready for a nice long nap on the airplane. The flight was 11 hours, and thanks to Karina’s sleeping pills, we had a 6 hour nap, or something like that, then two movies and we arrived at LAX.

Dennis, my Danish friend, who lives in Newport Beach, picked us up. To avoid traffic, we went to Santa Monica to have a couple of drinks at a rooftop bar and to have dinner. From Sangri-La Hotel there is a nice view of Santa Monica Pier. It was a nice first day, and after dinner, at Misfit , we drove back to Dennis’ flat in Newport.

On the second day we got up at 7am and found a cute breakfast spot on TripAdvisor - we grabbed Dennis’ bicycles and biked our way to the breakfast shop (My Galley ), which was only about 10 minutes away. We could bike along the Beachwalk. It was so pretty to watch the sun go up above the ocean. We both had an Acai Bowl - yum yum! We went here again a second time, because the Acai bowl was so delicious.

After breakfast we went grocery shopping at the Pavillion - because we also went last year, we knew where to go. Then we went home and had a good 5K run along the Beachwalk and afterwards we went to Dennis Homegym - in his garage. That’s very cute. We did this workout about 4 times. It’s nice to travel and still be able to workout and feel better about all the greasy food you take in.

It was a long first day, because we got up so early, and I guess we both wanted to do a lot of things, so we also went tanning on the beach for a couple of hours, to Woody’s Wharf for drinks, back to nap - all that before we went to Taco Tuesday at el Matador. The tacos were served with Magharitas - not bad!.

The next day we took an Uber to pick up, what we feared, was a red mustang, which we had ordered at Dollar Car Rental . Luckily we ended up getting a grey Chevrolet Camaro convertible instead. First we drove to Runyon canyon to hike. It was a hot and hard, but beautiful walk. We came back to a parking ticket of $93 - yay! Well, there was no available spots and other cars were parked in the side of the road.

Then we drove downtown LA and cruised through Hollywood blvd and West Hollywood, then to Beverly Hills where we had lunch at Urth Caffe (Panini w/ caprese and lemonade - it was okay).

In the afternoon we went shopping in Santa Monica, where we both bought new running shoes. For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant - North. That was pretty good food. Again, we decided to have dinner in Santa Monica to avoid the heavy traffic towards Newport.

We were so tired that night and went directly back to bed.

Another amazing day, started on a very cute cafe called Zinc - this place I also found on TripAdvisor. When life is food, you just want to do some research to make sure they have what you crave. We had avocado toast w/ poached eggs - I am a sucker for poached eggs, if you didn’t know - zinc waffle, coffee and matcha tea. OMG that was a good breakfast.

Afterwards we went paddle boarding in Newport Beach for 2 hours, that was amazing, and we even saw a bunch of sealions. I can really recommend that. It was called Paddle Board Newport Beach .

That night we went to watch Football (Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears) at Cruisers (a bar), where we had the largest pizza ever (Chicago pizza with several layers) believe me, you could only eat one piece, and I’m a pizza lover!

One day, when it was cloudy (thank God that happened) we went shopping at Irvine Spectrum Center - <3 YAY! Favorite activity, number 1! Shop till you drop, they say, and so we did! We had a nice lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, which actually has very nice salads and cabbage tacos etc.

At night we went to see Angels vs. Seattle Mariners (baseball for those who don’t know) in Anaheim. Octoberfest was everywhere, also at the stadium, and we got pretty tipsy. After the stadium we went to Blue Beet back in Newport, to hear live music. That was a fun night.

Sunday Funday, they say! We had brunch at Newport Brewery with buttomless mimosas from 11am to 2.30pm, so you do the math! Yeah, we were pretty drunk when we left that place and when we arrived at American junkie , shortly after that, people were on fire at the dance floor (not literally Mom, duuh!) But WHAT A PARTY !! We were there for hours and ended up going to another cool place - Sharkeez - for the “afterparty”, with some of the people we met at American Junkie. Definitely a place to meet new people. Again, a reason to love America and the people here, they are very talkative and good to approach others, who look foreign, like us. That was a blurred kind of day, and we were back in bed by 10.30pm.

I had never tried a “make you own Bloody Mary” bar, but this Saturday I did, and I must say, that is a great invention and it’s perfect next to a hangover brunch. Of course I had the poached eggs at 3 thirty 3 . You will never suffer from a hangover in the United States, because they will always serve you drinks next to your brunch. Yet another reason to love the country.

We continued the “intoxication” from the night before and went to Billy’s at the beach, where we had MaiTais and Rosé. A fun story from this place is was when I called to make a reservation for our upcoming trip to Vegas. You need to know that my American name is Anabell - a long story, but nobody knows how to spell or pronounce Annemette, and NO, there is no meaning of the name, therefore, as many Starbucks employees has mistaken, my American name is Anabell. I actually like it… well back to this HILARIOUS story. Oh, you also need to know that my danish last name is very long and difficult to pronounce, if you’re not danish. I called the restaurant and said “Hey, it’s Anabell, and I would like to make a reservation for 2 people on Monday at nine o’clock”, and the lady said “Ok, then I only need your last name” and I was like “well, it’s long, but I can spell it for you if you want” and she said “L-O-N-G right?!” > Omg, I had a hard time not cracking up, but that’s how Anabell also got an American last name, Long. Cute! HA HA, I guess you should have been there.

Karina woke me up in the middle of the night and told me the terrible news about the gunman in Vegas, that was horrifying and I still don’t understand it. I feel so sorry for the people and their loved ones, who had to experience that. This was the day we were going to Vegas.

It’s terrifying, all the bad things that happens around the world, but we tried to get the best out of our time in Vegas, anyway, because - what could we do? Nobody wants to live their life in fear, even though you can’t avoid to get affected by all these actions, in some way.

Around 12am we checked into Bellagio - the place to stay in Vegas. Surprisingly, you couldn’t really feel what had happened the night before. We went to our rooms to change to our bikinis and went to the beautiful pool area to tan and relax. We had a great time. At night we did some shopping, before we had an amazing dinner at Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steaks & Stone Crab - TripAdvisor did it again. Actually, we wanted to go out and have some fun, now when we were in Vegas, but every club was closed due to the incident.

They next day what pretty similar, besides the fact that we had a massive breakfast at Bellagio “Buffet” where there is everything you can imagine an American will crave for breakfast, and it was all you can eat! Mmm… We ended up getting pretty disapointed this day, because the Steve Aoki event at Omnia, we had been looking very much forward to, was cancelled. But we knew that could happen, that’s understandable… and we couldn’t do anything about it. Now we have a reason to go back to Vegas one day....!

We had a good dinner though, at Maggiano’s Little Italy - one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the states.

I will hopefully go back to the states again soon, I really love it there, and we had a very good time, as always!

xoxo AM

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