I’m not pregnant, I just had lunch😂

As you might know, Thursday is my longest day at work! I always have a lot of meetings and get a lot done, which is nice, but I try to treat myself better on Thursdays to get through the day and make it easier.. I treat myself by getting extra good breakfast, a nice lunch or a good snack. Most of the time, I have a protein bar in my desk to help with my afternoon cravings - I had one today! Yum! And I actually had a cinnamon bun this morning, #Whoops! No wonder I look a bit bloated in the picture, ha ha! Not to be misunderstood - I am ok with my body, but during periods of time I’m more “bloated” than other times, and today was a day I felt that way. Typically a day like today, where I’m wearing a skinny skirt! But that’s life! And everybody needs a good reason to go to the gym in the morning. Tomorrow I’ll for sure feel differently, after my morning workout!

I love to make a good and easy salad when I get home from work. Especially when I work late! An easy salad is my typical dinner during the week, when I’m not going out or having friends over for dinner. As you can see, I love cheese!💙

When you have your colleague (and friend) take a picture (or 10) of you at work🙈😂 OMG! Strike a pose girl! And he was actually the one saying “Suck it in!” and I still looked like that👆🏼 ha ha. We had so much fun though.

Today was a great day. I hope you had a good day as well🖤

xoxo AM

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Du er smuk, som altid!
Mys på dig søde💙