Surf & Yoga in Thailand <3

Like last year in November, me and my gf Pernille had to go to Thailand to get some C-vitamin, even though we only had 8 days! We found a cheap offer on that included both flight and hotel. Last year we went 3 different places and planned it ourselves (read: Pernille planned it), but this time we only had about a week, and both of us were pretty exhausted from work, so it was nice that we could just lean back and enjoy the trip.

First of all we met and had early breakfast at the airport - 6 o'clock was a bit too early for MASH (damn it! next time...). We flew with Qatar Air ways , which I think is a very good airline - food & drinks are included, if you know what I mean! The first flight was 5,5 hours, then we had 3 hours in Doha - enough for a decent lunch at The Grand Comptoir (Beers & Burgers!) - and then a 6 hour flight to Phuket. We arrived at 5.30 in the morning.

From the airport we had to go an hour by cab and then we arrived at Kata Beach, at the Peach Hill Resort . We couldn't have our room before lunchtime, but we just napped by the pool, and had some breakfast, so that was okay. Then we got our room and decided that is was time for a neck & back massage. A good way to kick-start a week of relaxation. We went back later for another treatment, aaaah...

Later that day we took a Tuk tuk to Patong - the tourist trap! Patong is a crazy place and we knew it wasn't our thing, but we found a Mango store $$$ and had some ice-cream before we went back to nice and quiet Kata Beach. If you want to party or experience a ping pong show, Patong is definitely the place to go!

Day 1 was also the day we found our favourite spot to have dinner - Wine Connection , it's called. A very nice restaurant/wine bar with a lot a delicious dishes and good wine. We shared a pizza, an ahi tuna salad, and a bottle of Chardonnay, mm mm! We were back in bed before 10pm, aaaah....

We like to be active, when we travel together, so the next day started with yoga at 8:20am. The people from CC's Hideaway Yoga Studio picked us up at the hotel for only 150 baht. The yoga class was only 300 baht each and we got a discount because we signed up for 3 classes.

After yoga we went back to the hotel to have breakfast and change, then off to the beach to surf.. I think that the boards were only 250 baht for 2 hours - everything is so cheap in Thailand!

About every 10 minutes we had 5-6 good waves, but we also spend a lot of time waiting for them, and we really got a sunburn on our backs, auch! The rest of the vacay we used SPF50.

All in all we had 3 yoga classes and 3 days with surf of 2 hours each time, #love! It's such a great way to spend a vacation! We both needed to relax, and to combine that with some activities is just fantastic!

We actually ended up getting pretty good at standing up on the boards, and this was my 4. time, I guess... It's just funnier when you see some progress.

After a good day of surf we would treat ourselves with a beer on the beach and then go back to the hotel to spend a couple of hours by the pool to relax and have a Thai lunch.

Two nights we went to Back Cats Bar 2 to play Yenga and to grab a drink with some guys we met from Kuwait. We always end up meeting new, interesting people when we travel together, #socializingbelike!

One day we went on an ATV tour after Yoga, to see the Big Buddha. That was actually pretty fun, because we also went off-roading alongside elephants - scary, but fun!

That night we went to Patong at night to try the 9th floor restaurant. Unfortunately, Pernille got sick and threw up, so she couldn't eat the delicious food. I had burrata and filet mignon, and tasted some of Pernille's salmon. Very recommendable, but also more pricey than regular restaurants in Thailand.

Pernille felt better after she threw up, so we went shopping for a couple of hours before we went back to our hotel in Kata Beach - "Ok, are you feeling better now?!" - "Let's go!" #GIRLS

A place worth mentioning in Kata Beach is Ska Bar . It's located directly on the beach and has really nice drinks. The bar has a Bob Marley - reggae vibe. After Ska Bar we went to Two chefs , where we shared a mix of dishes: Flatbread, quesadilla, spring rolls, chicken satay etc., and we topped that with some drinks before going to Back Cats Bar 2 again (Funky name or what?).


The last day we went on a both trip from 7.30am - 5pm, to Maya beach (where they filmed the movie "The Beach"), Monkey Beach, Bamboo island & two of the Phi Phi islands. It was nice to spend the day by sea. We sat in the front of the boat, so we got a really nice tan and a lot of wind and water in our heads. All in all a nice day.

At night we had dinner at Curry delight , where we shared some garlic, cheese naan and butter chicken. OMG! That is ALWAYS a good idea! It was VERY good!

I've never been a big fan of breakfast buffets, or just buffets in general! I think it's something psychological, knowing that the food is out for a long time and that people stick their filthy fingers in it, #EAUW! Therefore it's a good idea to have a few backup places to go for breakfast, when you get tired of the included all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. We went to The Coffee House Café in Kata, to make my poached eggs cravings go away. That was a good day! #WHENFOODISLIFE

There is a lot to see in Thailand, and it's good to have a couple of weeks to explore a few places, but one week was actually enough for us this time, we just needed to get away for a while, forget about work and the busy life at home and just relax, eat some good food and enjoy life! I think a vacation every November is a must - a break away from the bad weather gives you new energy to get through the winter!.....and it's important to have fun, always <3

xoxo AM

Oh by the way, the last day we spent 7 hours at a tattoo shop - #whoops! I'm glad I had Pernille there to keep me company and entertain me, when I was in pain. The artist, Pum, from Keng Tattoo in Kata Beach did a very nice job, and you can see the full tattoo on my IG account @annemettep. Let's hope my mom doesn't read this far down!! #Jeiks

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