Sunday pancakes is my sunday tradition. I love to do something extra to make things cozy, especially on the weekends! And I just love love love these pancakes🖤

Recipe (6-8 small pancakes, depending on the size you want, but enough for 2-3 people):

- 2 eggs
- 2 bananas
- Oat meal (about 2 handfull)
- Coconut flour (about 1 handfull)
- Chocolate (I use 70 %)
- Almonds
- Yoghurt or something like that
- Berries to put on the top (sometimes I put blueberries inside the dough)
- Syrup, honey or a substitute for it
- Coconut oil for the frying pan

You can actually put whatever you want inside the dough, and you can make them more plain and leave out the coconut flour, almonds etc.


I mix the
- eggs
- bananas
- oat meal
- coconut flour
with a hand blender
then I chop the
- chocolate and almonds
and mix it inside the dough with a spoon, because I like that there is bigger pieces of chocolate and almonds, but you can also mix it with the hand blender, if you want.

I heat up the frying pan with some
- coconut oil on it,
put on the dough with a spoon. 2 table spoons make an okay size for the pancakes!
I always make 4 pancakes at a time. It doesn’t take long before they’re done, then coconut oil on again, and I actually put the heat level down a bit for the second round, because the pan get so warm.

I the meantime you can chop the berries and clean up a bit (ha ha).

After a while the pancakes are done and ready to decorate on the plate with the yoghurt, syrup & berries! Mm mm!

Done, finito, capeesh?! Ready to eat!

I’ve put the yoghurt in a small glass bowl because the kind that I am using right now is so thin. If you use a thicker kind, you can put in between the pancake layers.

To be honest, I also made these pancakes yesterday. The ones I don’t eat right away, I keep in the fridge and eat as a snack before I go to the gym, or the next day for breakfast! They are pretty yummie when they’re cold, as well.

Doesn’t it just look delicious?!

Have a fabulous Sunday peps!

xoxo AM

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De ser lækre ud!! Og elsker tilføjelsen af mandler 😊 <3

Ja, det er de også, det bedste er at de er så nemme at lave😍