This is my first post since the #nouw30daychallenege and it feels good to post again. I’ve actually missed it, but I told myself to take a break from posting and concentrate about all the madness that is going on in my life! I am pretty busy with a lot of stuff at the moment and hopefully I can share some of it with you soon👏🏼 #exited

Today I got up at seven (oh yes! I’ve become boring lately and went to bed before midnight on a saturday!) and I went to the gym after a good portion of left over pancakes from my aunt, I was visiting yesterday!


My aunt made the best breakfast table with loads of coffee. / The sun has been out all weekend in Copenhagen and I finally got to wear my new, black, chunky sunnies🖤🖤 #love

After my workout this morning, I went to an #instameetup
with some sweet instagrammers, hosted by @CharlotteCaroline👌🏼 It was such a nice afternoon and we ended up shooting some pictures together afterwards! This is just such a great way to meet others girls with the same interests, share our experience, thoughts and ideas and a nice way to network. I really like it!


I love nude, if you didn’t know! Black has always been my color, but if I had to choose, I think I might choose nude🙈 Now you know.. And I’m obsessed with the Kardashian/Jenner girls, especially Kim Kardashian’s style! #inspired 

Doesn’t this sunny weather just make you happy? I am so exited for spring to arrive! I love this time of the year and I can’t wait for it to be lighter and warmer☀️

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday just as much as I did!

xoxo AM

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