Today I went to Amazing Space with Pernille. Amazing space is a wellness facility and a part of the five star Hotel D’Angleterre, located in the center of Copenhagen. I think that the surroundings live up to the five stars, and we really had a good time there.

Pernille had a facial and I had a the Deep Tissue Massage, which is meant to relieve muscle tension and reduce stress. I was put in a body suit (a pretty cool one actually - I felt like I was part of a Yeezy show, ha ha) and then this vacuum machine was vacuuming my whole body, by the help of a lady, of course. Right now I feel like I have been working out all morning, my body is a bit sore, but it also feels great.

After our treatments they served us a smoothie and a little snack, then we changed to our bikinis and went to the pool area. We tried the steaming area and the sauna and then cooled off in the pool. There was only one pool and it was actually a bit cold, which was sad, because I think it’s always nice with a warm bubble bath, when you’re at a SPA, but all in all it was fine and we had a good time.

After the SPA we went to Union Kitchen, which I have wanted to try for so long. We had a good lunch there and we decided that we need to go back there again soon. It’s pretty hard to get a table if you haven’t booked it on beforehand, but we were lucky!💚

Pernille had the Eggs Benedict with avocado on the side, an orange/carrot juice and a cappuccino, I had the Rye bread with avocado and poached eggs, a yoghurt on the side, a flat white and a green juice! Everything tasted very good, and I can’t wait to go back! Mm mm!

Have you been good to yourself lately?!

Have an AMAZING Saturday🖤

xoxo AM

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