So why this blog?!

My new Olympus OM-D camera - YAY!

First of all - I love to write! Second of all - I have a lot at heart! In different periods of my life I have written a diary, but with large intervals. It can be a very good therapy in certain periods of time. It's a very good way to reflect on the things that pass by you. This blog makes me feel more committed to write.

It's also to make sure that I travel more. Last year I decided to travel more, because I didn't go anywhere at all in 2015. I went 4 places last year - Croatia, New York, California and Thailand - but I still didn't feel satisfied. I felt like that was just a beginning and that I needed to do more about it. So I did.

This blog also makes me feel more obligated to travel, so it's really a win-win for me. When I start something, I want to finish it, that's also what's holding me up to this.

Hopefully I can inspire others to travel too. And write more. And get things done! Because that's what it's about. Make a decision to do something and just do it....and then see where it takes you or what it gives you. I'm of the belief that nothing you do is a waste of time, because you learn from all you actions. I think everybody has something they've wanted to do for a while, or for years, and it's probably only a wish or dream, but sometimes you just need to do something about it! Don't forget to do more of what makes you happy!

It is kind of hard for me to do this, though. The blogging. I'm doing my best to drop my guards and I'm trying not to overthink every post. That's sadly why I haven't been more active around here. Hopefully I get better in time.

We should stop concentrating so much about what other people think and do, because that is what I think a lot all this social media do to us. We can almost see and read what everybody eats, does and thinks. Concentrate about you - you matter!

When was the last time you did something for you?

I can see that I inspire people to do stuff when they hear the excitement in my voice, while I talk about my travel project and all the stuff I want to do this year! Some might think "that's crazy" or "she's turning 30, she's panicking!" Well, the truth is that I'm not panicking! I just decided to change my life and do stuff instead of just thinking about it or imaging it happen. I got tired of not doing anything, because that doesn't take me anywhere. I feel like I am developing and I love the feeling! I don't know where it takes me, but I'm not scared to stay and watch!

A wise man recently asked me "What would you do if you weren't scared?"

What would you do?

xoxo AM

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