Seeing the world with new eyes!

Selfie game strong today😎 haha!


I have just got new glasses and sunglasses!🖤 If you have prescription glasses, you know that you’ll get a discount if you also buy sunglasses, and it’s almost a shame not to, right?!

I just love these two sets that I found! Actually, I went for the sunglasses, but then the eye doctor told me that I’ll get half price on the sunglasses if I also bought a pair of regular glasses - he caught me on a good day! Yaaay!

Aren’t they just adorable?!

Sunglasses: Chanel 5357 black

Glasses: Gucci GG0039o

When you’re at work taking selfies because you need a picture in daylight, and there is no sun out! I hope the sun will get here soon☀️ Spring is just a beautiful season!

xoxo AM

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