Throwback to Easter in front of the camera where my girlfriend’s husband Martin Esquives took pictures of me.
It was my first time posing for a “real photographer”, but it was a very fun experience. Beyond fun, it was also a very cold experience, the weather was freezing, but that just made it even more exiting to jump around in a bathing suit!
We took these pictures “for fun” and because I thought it could be nice to try. I was very concerned about how the pictures would turn out, but I think Martin did very good! Thank you so much Martin📸💋 I can’t wait to do it again!

Here you go:

I looked at pinterest before we had to do the photo shoot, to get ideas for the pictures, and of course I shared and discussed it with Martin (the photographer), who was very good to come up with ideas that could work for me.
My girlfriend and Momager Lea helped me throughout the shoot, to carry all my stuff and make sure I remembered all of my props! Thank you💋

I like to push my own boundaries and the following pictures are proof of that. It’s important to love yourself and be confident in your body, or at least that is something I find very important.
In these pictures I’m at my highest weight ever, I work out 4-5 times a week, but lately I’ve felt a lack of energy and motivation. For that same reason I’ve given myself the best gift ever and invested in a personal trainer. It helps so much on my motivation and energy level. I have only worked out with him twice, but I already feel so much better about myself and feel so much more motivated and happy about working out.

Remember to do something good for yourself once in a while🖤 you deserve to be happy!

Sorry if these pictures made somebody’s eyes roll, but I had fun with it and I love to have fun. Don’t take life too serious.

Did you like what you just saw?

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xoxo AM❤️

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