I spent most of my weekend on the couch, because I had a very bad cold, which had been going on for more than two weeks! What did I do to deserve that?!

Yesterday I did a vlog about, what I have done to get rid of the cold and get well, and I actually feel much better today!
Watch the video below, Thanks!

I think the most important thing, when you are sick or about to be, is to listen to your body, give it some rest, make sure to get about 8 hours of sleep per night (I’m definitely not good at that), eat healthy and treat your body with some vitamins. I’m glad I took the time to make my body rest, even though there was a lot of other things I wanted to do this weekend! Sometimes you just have to give in...

I just joined the #Nouw30daychallenge to improve my blog and my skills. The challenge is, that you need to post everyday for 30 days, and the blogger who has improved itself the most, over this period of time, will win a trip to Paris! #Yay! I think the challenge is a gift itself! It’s such a great idea and I really owe it to myself, to participate. I can do much better on my blog etc. and I need to take action on that, so this is the perfect opportunity for me! I am motivated to do more for my blog, vlog & IG, and I’m exited about the future!

I hope you’ll stay and read more - thank you!

xoxo AM

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