2017 was the year that I...

1) Traveled more! 2) Went to several concerts. 3) Bought a piano and took piano lessons! 4) Bought a record player. 5) Did some redecorations in my apartment.

The wish list is long. The only obstacle is myself.

I’ve never really made New Years resolutions, and it’s more of a promise to myself to do more of what pops up in my head.


Sometimes when we experience specific situations in life it reminds us to live life to the fullest. My mind is very creative at the moment, and I love it!

What I want to accomplish today is not necessarily what I get done tomorrow, but I like to have things planned, to look forward to, but you never know what tomorrow brings and I’m exited to see how 2017 will be.


Go download the #beenapp like I did, and see where it takes you. Or just to see how great a percentage of the world you’ve already explored!

xoxo AM

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