My jacket addition!

I have a major jacket slash coat addiction! My friends (and my mom) have often told me, that I have a problem with shopping, and I guess they’re right. SHOPAHOLIC to the bone! But I just love clothes, shoes, accessories, and everything that costs money..

Today I’ll show you a few of my favorite jackets at the moment. I have a jacket for every mood, and I have a lot of moods ;)

Earlier today I went shopping in one of my favorite stores - Collective - because I had a gift card! Using a gift card is like shopping without spending real money! What’s not to love?❤️ They have 50 % off on almost everything right now, you should go and check it out!


I already love it❤️ Especially my new army jacket, and the brooch was on my wishlist on my last birthday, so I was happy to get that half price!

Feminine / Masculine?! Yes I bought them both! Whoops..

at the moment...

Both H&M jackets, bought on sale👆🏼

This nude teddy bear coat (H&M) is one of my absolute favorites this winther! The fur is from Meotine, and I’m actually thinking about selling it, because I’ve only worn it twice. Let me know if you’re interested!

I’ve had this coat for years and I totally love it! I don’t even know the brand, if there is one, but I would never sell it. You can take out the fur and the thermo jacket inside of it. Comfy as hell💚

These jackets are from a previous relationship, but for sure my top two leather jackets🧡🖤 they are both from Inwear!

My favorite denim jacket of them all. This one is from Zara. It’s shorter on the back, which I think is such a cute detail!

I just bought this black coat on my last trip to London (Zara). It has the teddy bear look that I love, and you can actually turn it inside out, two coats in one, YAY! The crazy one to the right, is a men’s jacket (Zara). I buy a lot of men’s wear, and a lot of crazy items, but it really looks better on!

Now to the fun part, or not! I took some pictures in the coats & jackets, but I didn’t really take the time to fix my hair and makeup, sorry! Go ahead and watch below👇🏼

xoxo AM

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