My first Vlog & more...

I’m leaving for London and on that occasion I did my first Vlog, yaaay! Or? I thought, why not try something new - so here it is. It’s posted below and on my YouTube account “Copenhagenblogger Vlog”.

I don’t know what I’m doing and I just recorded this on my camera - definitely not my good angle, but I guess that’s how I look😋 Watch it and get a good laugh, if you want to!

I’m exited about this trip and right now I’m at the airport, having lunch at MASH - my travel tradition, when it’s possible. I tried the MASH Salad today, to try something new, YUM!

I like to travel in comfy clothes, so I put on a silky dress (who doesn’t love stockings?!) and my favorite knit, to stay warm - my throat has been a bit soar the past two days.. Now I’m ready to go!

I’ll give an update on the trip🖤

xoxo AM

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