Morocco ’n’ out!

I have been quiet for a while, but a lot is going on at the moment! Last night I just got home from Morocco. The trip started off right with a visit to MASH Airport - how I like to start my vacations. Their tartare, by the way, is to die for❤️

I went there with my friend, Martin, for one week. We stayed in Taghazout with Lapoint Surf Camp and had breakfast, surf lessons and yoga included. Even though there was a lot of rain and not as much sun as we had hoped for, we had a good time there. We had fun and met a lot of new, interesting people. I think we were about 50 people, mostly Norwegians, but also some from Sweden, Denmark, Amsterdam and Australia. Some travelled in groups, some by themselves.

We stayed at Lapoints “hostel” which is located in the middle of the small village. The room we had was with 2 bunk beds and a bathroom. We shared our room with two sweet Norwegian girls. I like to pay more for extra comfort, when I travel, but I also think it is important to try something like this once in a while. You get to know everybody much better, when you live like this. I felt like being on a music festival, because of the living standards, and I have tried that many times. I knew I could do it, and it had definitely not scared me away. I could do this again!

The Surf Camp was a cozy place and the food we had included (breakfast and dinner) was much better than I had expected.

The sad part is, that almost every second of us got sick, and I am still not feeling well..(I’ve been to the bathroom three times, just writing this😳 Too much info?!).. I’m not sure if it’s the sea water or the food, but something hit me. Thankfully Martin could help me in the middle of the night when I was being pathetic and couldn’t leave the bathroom. Omg! That’s what friends are for! Everybody was sweet and tried to help each other, when someone was down. I really like that! It was like being one big family!

Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the yoga classes, because I wasn’t feeling well, but Martin did, and he said it was really good. I would have loved to be a part of that.

Besides being at Lapoint Surf Camp, we went to Agadir to see the Zouk (the Marketplace). It was a good day and I had to buy some Moroccan ceramics, Fatima’s hand and a blanket.

We also wanted to go to Marrakech for one day (it’s a 4 hour drive), but we decided to skip that, because of the weather. I guess it’s not as fun to walk around the beautiful city, when it rains. I need to go there some day, though!

One night we went uphill and had a full body massage, omg, that was so good. We just had the staff call and book the treatment, and then we got picked up and brought back again. That was a good idea, and it was actually cheap! Everything was very cheap, but remember to take out cash if you go to a small village like Taghazout.

All in all it was a great week and I really liked the people there. I attended the level 2 course and Martin was on level 3. It’s also possible to go even though you haven’t tried to surf at all before. I might join Martin later this year on Lapoint Surf Camp in Portugal, I think it could be fun to try another place in another part of the world, and it’s always good to work on the surf skills!

Have a great Sunday!

xoxo AM

P.s There is more info about the Surf Camp in my earlier blogpost - here!

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