Making Ibiza great again🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

6 days in Ibiza has gone (way too) fast. We arrived late Thursday, well actually early Friday, due to Norwegian being delayed yet again..maybe cuz it wasn’t our favorite pilot captain Anders... Anyways...We stayed at the loveliest little hotel called Aparthotel Playasol Jabeque Dreams just in front of the beach.
As soon as we arrived we became best friends with the hotel manager, Lorenzo, who upgraded us to the suite because he thought we should have the room with the most amazing balcony view. Gracias Lorenz!

Friday we had a relaxing day at the pool where Veronica who studies in AA took good care of us...if you know what I mean... This was after we digged into the bueno breakfast buffet. At night we went to Hana the cutest little restaurant in Ibiza Old Town which I found the restaurant on Trip Advisor, which I often use while traveling, and we all loved the food - if you go we all recommend the tuna tacos 🤤 After dinner we walked along the harbor front and sat down at a cozy little spot where we had sangria (and maybe a few shots) before we went back home.

Saturday we decided to have a relaxing beach day, so we got a cab and headed to cala Tarida. Here hours passed with swimming, tanning, having cava sangria...yeah just a good time... well I mean the parasol man was not too fond of us, but you know...we want sun not shade🤪
After boiling in the sun all day we went to Cotton Beach Club, which we were recommended when shopping in Copenhagen before departure, by a sales lady who just came back from Ibiza. Mouth to mouth is by far the best kind of marketing... the place was just as amazing as we were told - you must go check it out yourselves. We ended up sharing...was it three... yeah I think so...bottles of vino blanco (whoops), before going back to our hotel and get ready for a nice dinner out... The taxi driver said we had to go to the pizzeria just across from our hotel, so we went directly there and had some mouthwatering slices, yummie!

Sunday we went sightseeing in Ibiza Town. We walked and walked and walked a little more... There are so many cute shops there, so if you have spare room in your luggage, shopping is possible... Now we don’t have more room unfortunately, but as I can always buy an extra trolley... Early afternoon we found our new hangout place and shared some traditional tapas together and had a few beers. The place owner, José, his wife and daughter were all working together, cute...

Later we walked all the way back to the hotel, but had a lovely dip in the sea on the way. We sat for hours on our balcony, listening to music, having drinks and a good time. We also did a nice workout on the balcony. That was fun! Later we went out, but only for one or two beers and then went back home to catch up on sleep. We were all pretty tired from a long day.

Monday it was time for another day at the pool... but half way through the day we decided to go back to José (our new hangout place) to have tapas and great red wine. We ended up shooting something what could easily be the a beginning of the “Taken 8” movie - it will probably be in a cinema close to you soon. Hereafter we ended up chilling at different places to get drinks - we got two new friends who were deaf...all though they didn’t have a real language we had the best conversations... they were so cute... We ended the night at a club called Lola where we met up with some of the guys working in one of the previous bars... we had so much fun...

Taken 8 ☝🏼

Tuesday we got up a little late, missed the breakfast buffet and literally ran out into a cab, because today we vamos a la Formentera. Remee had recommended the island and when Remee says go...we go! We grabbed some Mackey D’s on the way and got on the boat to the island. A cute little hippie-ish island where nude swimming is allowed on the entire island. When we arrived we rented three cute bikes and went on a long bike ride. We ended up riding 23k to the most amazing beach, Cala Saona. The water was crystal clear and at the surrounding cliffs the views were stunning. We spent most of the day swimming and relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Later grabbed our bikes and headed back...our legs were dead, but a little song on the bike and a stop or two, to get a cooling dip, we made it back in one piece. We found the best little restaurant where we had some nice pasta marinara with clams and prawns. We must have had a good time, because we missed our boat back, so we sat down at a little bar just next to the port to make sure not to miss the next one...

Wednesday, today, we had breakfast and went directly to the pool for a few hours... We packed our bags and headed to Palma de Mallorca. As I write we are up in the air and on the way, yaaay!!!


ok see you, bye...

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