Love to your ears and mind!

A good playlist is a must! I use Spotify and over the years I have made a lot of my own playlists. One of them I keep hearing over and over again, that is “the cuddle list!” which is what the name imprints - a list with music you can cuddle to, music that will get you relaxed, dinner music, after work music, the grocery shopping list or whatever you want to use it for!

I’m not sure if the link works👇🏼 but otherwise you can find me by searching on my name on Spotify and then find “the cuddle list”.

My favorite songs varies from time to time, some will stay favorites for long and some will only be there for a specific time or period of my life.

Some of my favorite song from the list (at the moment):

For me it’s very important to have music that can make me relax and clear my mind. It’s also a good way for me to express myself. I am very emotional and I get even more emotional, sometimes, by listening to music. I will put on music that reflects my mood, again and again.

On weekends “the cuddle list” is often playing in my apartment. It’s also good as background music, if I’m having friends over for dinner, but if I’m going out I’ll switch to one of my party lists.

👆🏼 another list that is worth mentioning and following is this one - “Afternoon Acoustic”. It’s especially good as dinner music or just background music while you’re reading or writing or whatever you like to do. I listen to it while I write on my blog.

I keep updating “the cuddle list” whenever I find a new, cozy song that I like, but some songs has been on the list for years, like songs from Boyce Avenue. I just can’t stop loving their songs, they are SUCH a good cover band.

Some of my favorites from Boyce Avenue:

- “What makes you beautiful”
- “Chasing Cars”
- “The A-team”
- “Superman”
- “Fast Car”

But they have also done a lot of new covers. You should try to listen to them.

Go follow the playlist,
if you want some love in your ears🖤

xoxo AM

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