Leaving for Barcelona, yay!

Okay, I got my camera with me, my computer and a very good book! I brought some good snacks as well, of course...that's the good thing about traveling, all the coziness - a drink and some snacking on the way there, a good book in my hand and some quiet time...ME-time! I l really enjoy it!

I'm sitting at the airport sipping a glass of wine and I am so exited to go to Barcelona! I couldn't be more ready, even though it's also kind of scary to go by myself! Not scary-scary, but you know...

I called the hotel earlier today and they will be sending me a car to pick me up at the airport! It's probably cheaper to go by bus or other public transportation, but I think 35€ is well spent, when I know I don't have to use a lot of energy on figuring out how to get to the hotel, when the plane arrives, and it also feels more safe and relaxing to me, now that I'm on my own.

Yesterday I booked my last night > Monday to Sunday < and actually it happens to be at another hotel than the one I'm going to today, and which I'm staying at until Sunday. I will write more about that later! Now I need to board a plane...

xoxo AM

Synes godt om