Ich bin ein Berliner!

Destination # 3 is straight ahead, and the planning of it was actually very easy for me this time, because I didn’t have to do it myself. #Win!

Friday I will be leaving for Berlin, but not alone this time. Even though I’ve now experienced travelling all by myself and actually like it a lot, I still LOVE to travel with friends, and this time I am so lucky that I am charing this trip with 5 of my girlfriends. You heard it right - FIVE!

We are leaving Friday night, when everybody is off of work, and we will go back on Monday afternoon. We are staying at a hotel next to Kurfürstendamm, which should be a very good area.

I know it won’t be like when I travel alone - we will still go and see some tourist attractions (you know, the must sees) and we will go out and have some very delicious food, I’m sure, but there will also be a lot of girly-time with shopping and, for sure, partying as well. I’ve heard about the most crazy club in Europe - Berghain - we will try to see if we can get in, even though we know that it’s almost impossible. I just hope we’ll get out again, if we get in. YIKES!

We are actually going there for a special occasion. One of the girls is turning 30. THE BIG 3. Thirty, flirty and all that shit! Yes, this is the year we really have to grow up fast, we cannot hide in the 20s anymore, but everybody (in the 30s) talk about the 30s as being the “best years”, so what’s not to love? I guess it will be even more crazy than our 20s, if I know us well, and I do. Hah! No matter what, I think it’s a great way to celebrate your birthday, and I am looking so much forward to this quality-time-weekend with the girls. Everyone is always so busy, and it can be a struggle to even arrange get-togethers in Copenhagen, where all of us are available, so this is just perfect.

My biggest struggle right now is to limit myself and my luggage, since we’ll only travel with hand luggage. OMG. If you read about my London trip, this can end up being an expensive flight for me (too).

A weekend to remember. I’ll write even more about it, when it’s over. Stay tuned.

xoxo AM

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