Heya Sverige! #HIGH5

May was the time for destination number 5, and for my 5th getaway my girlfriend, Pernille, got the idea that we should go to a wellness facility, and what a great idea that was! We decided to go to Ystad Saltsjöbad in Sweden.

It had been some bumpy months and I had just said yes to a new job the week before. I guess we both needed to relax and get away from the city for a couple of days! Well........I guess everyone can use some relaxation now and then, and sometimes it's good to go away from home, because we always have our small projects and things that needs to be done, when we're at home, which can prevent us from truly relaxing.

We had borrowed her sisters car and drove across the bridge to Sweden on Sunday after lunch, the day before my 30th birthday. When we arrived, we got the keys to a very cozy room with a beach house look. We put on our bikinis, robes and slippers and went exploring... The place is pretty huge, we first went outside to the pool area, where we found a nice sunbed! We were already in the slow mood and needed some coffee. The weather was so good, under the circumstances that it was mid May, and we really enjoyed feeling the sun! I guess we lay there for 1,5 hours (we are both a bit restless, so that was enough time for us doing nothing) and then we continued on exploring the place.

We didn't buy any treatments, because the relaxation and surroundings was enough for us, and we know how to entertain ourselves. We found a nice spot outside in a warm basin. There was also two different rooms inside with warm basins and even a cold one, we had to try. We walked around to see everything, and you could clearly feel that everyone around was there to relax. There was two large rooms filled with daybeds; one dark room with a fireplace and one light room with a sea view. Everywhere, people were quiet and you could only hear the sound of whispering voices, movement in the water and relaxing music. The Saltsjöbad is located right next to the sea, so we also had a walk down the pier. The place and surroundings are very romantic, a perfect spot for a couples getaway, but also perfect for girlfriends, like us, to get some quality time and wellness.

After trying all the pools and basins, twice, we went inside to get some champagne - we had some celebrating to do! We brought the champagne outside to the pool area where we could talk and gossip (I guess that's what we (read: girls) do)! We would talk on and on about work, everyday life, our recent dates, what to do and what not to do, which we surely have some experience of.... It means the World to have someone who knows you and understands you and someone who can guide you, whenever you need advice to any decision or difficult situation. Automatically we will sum up the past year whenever one of us is having a birthday, and all the sentences will go like "do you remember....", and thankfully most of our stories from the past makes us laugh, even the embarrassing ones!

^At night we had made a somewhat late reservation at the largest restaurant called PORT, which is a Swedish-american seafood restaurant. That was the one they recommended, and I guess the other one is more like a brasserie. We had two courses - salmon for starters and some chickpea-ish dish with goat cheese for main course - it was very good and we were so full afterwards, it left no room for dessert, BUT there is always room for candy, so we went to the reception and bought some candy to bring to the room. It didn't take long, though, before we both were very tired and wanted to sleep, I guess you just get more tired from relaxing, than you think you do. By the way, the wine was really really good, hence the picture.

We got up early the next day! Turning 30 is not that bad, when you wake up at such a pretty place and together with your bff! It's nice not to wake up alone on your birthday - keep that in mind for your single friends! We got ready for breakfast and went to a delicious breakfast buffet, just what we needed after a good night sleep! After breakfast we packed our bags and took the car to Malmö, because the only thing this girlfriend-getaway needed, was some shopping! #Yay! ....and we know how to do that!

After hours of shopping and a lunch at a retro café, we drove back towards Copenhagen. I was expecting my family for a birthday tapas and my parents were on the way from Jutland, to do all of the preparations with me. I had the best birthday and it wouldn't have been without my bff and family, I feel blessed

This getaway was really therapy for my soul! You should try it some time <3

xoxo AM

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