Heaven on earth!🖤

Day 7, arriving at Hvar Town, Hvar, Croatia

The alarm got us up at 7 since today we were leaving for Hvar, Hvar... and yes, it is double. We had booked a speed boat to take us there, which was leaving at 9am. We had a cup of coffee, packed our bags and hugged our landlord Ana goodbye, then went to the port to catch our boat. We had a nice creamy latte before departure and while we were enjoying our coffees, in the quiet morning sun, I suddenly realized that our passports were still in the safety box in our apartment aka the microwave (we always put our passports in the microwave so we don’t loose them). There was only 10 minutes to the scheduled departure and I suggested that we could call our Landlord Ana, and have her bring our passport, when I saw Ravens ass off the boat, running up the steep hills. She was so unbelievably fast and made it just in time, thank God!

It’s a two hour sail from Bol, Brac to Hvar, Hvar and the boatride there was so beautiful with all the cliffs and small islands. Our stewart Dino served us Croatian wine (even though it was 9am) and some very tasteful breakfast sandwiches.

Goodbye Bol!

Goodbye Zlatnia Rat!

We arrived at the stunning Hvar harbor (see top
photo) and our steward parked the boat right in front of B.B. Club where we sat down and chilled in their comfy lounge couches. Here we had a delicious salad, some ice coffees, homemade ice tea and beer. We spent a couple of hours here before we walked along the promenade to get to our new apartment.

We arrived at our apartment at 2pm and met our new landlord Mariah. She showed us around in the apartment, which has a big patio with a private pool - just what we needed now. We took a refreshing swim in the pool after we had gone for a run and repeated the workout program from the day before - thank you bigjoeben40. We showered and got dressed to go out for dinner, but we spent some time at our cute patio and emptied the minibar, before going to dinner!

My view from the B.B. Club couch

Lunch at B.B. Club, yummie!

We found a nice place called Mediterraneo where they serve various, lovely seafood dishes. I had the beef carpaccio and grilled vegetables, Raven and Jacob had seafood pasta and risotto. Our cute waiter Ivan surprised us with a nice appetizer and poured the local wine. For “dessert” we had an espresso martini and Ivan said goodbye with a local honey shot.

We went around the corner to Carpe Diem Club, which is the place to go out on these altitudes. Immediately we reunited with a friend from Bol, and he introduced us to the cutest colorful crowd at the club🤤 here we hang out for hours, talking, sipping drinks, dancing and having fun. People crowded up among us and yet another colorful crowd showed up, but after all I must say, we looked pretty cute that night. Ha ha. The ‘colorful crowd A’ was trying to convince us to go to the party island with the party boat (yes, Club Carpe Diem has a lost island with a giant club, because the club on Hvar closes at 3am, but the giant club on the island is open til 7am). We went to the harbor front and sent ‘colorful crowd A’ on the boat, when we quickly ran off with the ‘colorful crowd B’ to the club Pink Champagne.

Drinks from the owner..............!

We danced all night at the club with our new friends and had so much fun! Whatever happened after stays among Raven, Jacob, Thomas, Joseph, Cypress & I. Without telling too much it included a yacht and the sun rise.

To be continued...

P.S they don’t have a microwave here, so instead we put the passports in the freezer.

P.P.S they don’t accept credit cards here, even though everyone is filthy rich💸

xoxo AM

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