Getting on the Vacay mode!

Day 4 in Split 👉🏼 Bol, Brac Island, Croatia

Again we woke up after another magnificent night at Club Central. We had to checkout of the apartment at 11am, so we packed our stuff and got out for breakfast, with all of our luggage. We found a cozy little spot at the harbor front, where we all had a delicious omelette and coffee.

After breakfast we headed to the ferry, because today we were leaving for the island Brac - located about an hour boat-ride away from Split🛳. On Brac island we had booked a nice little studio apartment overlooking the city, with a swimming pool. We were surprised about how easy it was to get the tickets for the ferry. When we arrived at Supetar on Brac we immediately found a car to take us to the cute little city Bol. The drive was about 40 minutes through the beautiful, winding mountain roads.

At our new home, our landlord Ana were waiting for us to arrive - after she showed us around in the sweet apartment we hurried into our bathing suits and went to our pool to get cooled down🏊🏻‍♀️☀️

After a few hours we decided to head down to the romantic city center to explore and we were stunned about how peaceful and quiet it was here. After some crazy late nights in Split, we were definitely in need of some quiet and relaxed atmosphere and Bol is all about that.

We went into a lot of adorable, small shops before we sat down to have some lunch at Vendetta By Vagabundo. Ironically this lunch also became our dinner! (When day 4 looks a lot like day 2 and 3). The pizza was so delicious🍕 (sorry bigjoeben40) and the pasta tasted like vacation🍝. We shared the food - did you know that I love doing that?
After lunch/dinner we walked around to elxpore some more of Bol and sat down to have a drink. Later we went for a long walk to the iconic Zlatnia Rat aka. Golden Horn beach🏖 cuz we needed some exersise (bigjoeben40). We headed back to the harbor front and spend the rest of the night in the fancy wine bar Stina, where we shared two bottles of local Croatian wine🥂 and talked about all the fun we had the past couple of days. We really got into our relaxed and peaceful vacay mood.

At midnight we went back to bed, because we all lacked sleep from the previous days - it might sound a little strange but we fell asleep listening to a murder podcast called Mørkeland - give it a try.

All in all a good day, but not as crazy as the days in Split, we have now arrived at the quiet island🤫

To be continued....

xoxo AM

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