I keep saying I’m a foodie, but I am! I love food. I love to go out for dinner. I love good food and all kinds of food. I make every meal at home a cozy experience and spent time arranging it on my plate, to make it look extra good. Every meal is like a small ceremony for me❤️ ok, relax girl! But I love food and especially a good brunch or breakfast!

I have a lot of favorite places in copenhagen. I especially love the places where you can cross off everything you want (like, you don’t have to only choose one thing, ha ha).

My TOP 5 breakfast places in Copenhagen are:

- Wulf & Konstali
- Noho
- Sidecar
- Far’s Dreng
- Bankeråt

There are still a lot of places I haven’t been yet and I have a list on my phone with breakfast places I want to try. (Do you also make lists of everything?).

The 5 places I’m dying to try are:

The last one, should be for the view! But
I’ve actually heard that they have nice brunch. This place has become more well known the past couple of months, but some might still think - “Is that in Copenhagen?” and the answer to that is “Yes!”.

Don’t forget to book a table (if it’s even possible), if you want to try any of these places. It can be hard to get a table on the weekends!

I find most of these places on instagram by looking at other peoples posts or stories. I love to have a list of places to visit, I also have lists of restaurants, countries, cities etc.

I’m of the belief that it’s always good to have something to look forward to🖤

I hope you’re enjoying your Wednesday!

xoxo AM

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