Best of Barcelona!

A new travel tradition is a great lunch at MASH Airport Copenhagen, when the departure time allows it. I can recommend the Rib on Bone, to share, mm mm mm ! The picture above is from the lunch we had there. The best way to start a good vacation!!

In august I went to Barcelona again! I know we write November now, but I've been so busy with all kinds of stuff, mostly work, why I haven't had the time to sit down with my computer. That's a shame, because I love it!

Well, Barcelona is such a cool city - I really like it! We stayed at a nice hotel in the center of the city, which is very convenient when you want to walk around and explore the city. The trip was filled with a lot of great food, and I can recommend these places:

- La Alcoba Azul - Delicious tapas - very recommendable and very close to the hotel we stayed at.

- Tapas 24 / My second time there, YUM! I went the last time as well, and would definitely go again. The Mc Foie Burger and their oysters are to die for.

- Tragaluz

- Reataurant Marmalade / Burgers, billard and good cocktails - all you need to pre-start a fun night.

- BEMBI - Indian food, it was very tasteful!

- Himalaya - Pakistan food! Their daal was very yummy.

- QUQU - I'm a sucker for tapas, and this was very delicious. Actually all the tapas places were good, they really know how to work the tapas in the country of tapas.

- Bar brutal - A wine bar, where we had oysters and wine. It a pretty cozy in there, a good "before dinner" place.

Let me entertain you with a lot of pictures of the delicious food we had:

Sometimes you just need some junk food and a game of billiards - Restaurant Marmalde is the place to do that! I lost!

This is a picture of our food fest at La Alcoba Azul, where we went on our first night. To the right we are enjoying oysters at Tapas 24.

Paki vs. Indian. Two very different experiences. To the left is the Mixed Grill from Himalaya Restaurant - Very tasteful, but I'll recommend you take the food to go. To the right, the tasting menu from Bembi, a very cosy restaurant to spend the evening.

QUQU - Probably my new favourite tapas place in Barcelona, even though it's very hard to choose, if I had to. You sit outside, if you are lucky to get one of those tables, which I just think is nice - you can sit and look and all the people walking by. Tragaluz was good as well, but I guess it is too pricy compared to what they deliver. A good experience, but they have boosted their prices too much.

The pictures above are from Bar Brutal, where we enjoyed oysters and wine before going to dinner.

We tried to get a reservation at a Michelin restaurant, and we really tried A LOT of places, but most of them were closed because of Catalan holidays, so it can be a good idea to check that out before you go.

Once again I stayed at Hotel Barcelona Catedral. There was breakfast included, where you can order whatever you want from their menu. I actually wouldn't recommend that, it was okay, but it wasn't really worth the money. I think it could be nice to go different places to have breakfast and probably better breakfast for less money. They have a very nice pool on the top of the roof, though, where we spend some time.

We also went with Excursions Barcelona on and 8 hour trip to Costa Brava, where we went Snorkeling and Kayaking. The 8 hours included the bus to and from the place for 70€, I guess it was about an hour and 20 minutes each way. It was such a nice experience, and besides the snorkeling and kayaking we also went cliff jumping, which I really like. After the activities we had 1-2 hours on the beach where we sat and had a beer and enjoyed the view. Lunch was also included, and they actually made some very nice sandwiches. All in all a good day! We slept all the way back in the bus.

Barcelona is definitely a place you need to go, if you haven't been yet, and if you are a sucker for shareable dishes and wine (like me!!!). Now I've been twice, both times extended weekends, but I still got places to explore and Gaudi's works look just as pretty every time. It's not my last time there. 5 out of 5!

Soon I'll update my September - October trip to California (LA, Newport Beach) and Nevada (VEGAS). I'm not very good and getting this down on the computer at the moment, because I have so much stuff to do. In 9 days I go to Thailand, and I really can't wait. YAY! Stay tuned...

xoxo AM

Sorry for the poor quality!

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