As much as I like to go out on weekends, I love the weekends where I haven’t been out - out! Like clubbing! It’s just too short of a weekend, when you go out to party, and that’s a shame.. This weekend has been quite calm for me, and today was just perfect.

Pernille and I went to Far’s Dreng to have brunch this morning. Actually I think you can book a table there, but we just walked in. There is a lot of brunch places here in Copenhagen where you can’t book a table, so you sometimes have to stand in line to get one, but I guess that’s just how it is. If you’re hungry enough, you’ll wait!

We both had the signature dish, which is like bread with avocado and egg, and then we had chia pudding and a waffle to share, yum! Not to forget - loads of coffee🖤 and a carrot/orange juice! Just what we craved!

After breakfast we went shopping for a couple of hours - whoops! But keep those stores closed on Sundays then.. What else to do?!🙈 Well, that’s what happens!

Now I’m back home, it snows outside and I am supposed to go to the gym, but I just feel so tired. KUWTK is playing on my TV and I’m not sure if I’ll skip my workout today, only time will tell. Right now the couch has my attention! Aaaah...

Remember to relax some today!

xoxo AM

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