A perfect mother-daughter weekend getaway!

Just what I needed! The trip to Rome was SO GOOD! And FINALLY I have the energy to write again. The past months has been "blurred". I have been through a tough period of life, but after taking good care of myself and making some right decisions, I am finally feeling well, and just as important, feeling like myself again. Going through a time like that, besides getting to know yourself even better, you also get even closer to your friends and family, and realise how much they mean to you. I am SO happy for all the support I've received from everyone of them <3 It's #PRICELESS and I feel very lucky!

Enough about that!


This trip happened in late April, and it's #4 out of (hopefully) 12. After 2,5 hours of flying and a gin & tonic with snacks, we landed. We bought ticket for the SIT busses, which was recommended in a book: Explore Rome. The tickets was only 5€ each and the bus came 10 minutes later and took us to Termini in the center of Rome, in only 45 minutes. At Termini we bought a ticket to the metro (only 1,5€ each) and took the metro to Collosseo. We lived very close to the Collosseo and it only took us 10 minutes to walk to our hotel, Celio Hotel - Via dei Quattro. At the hotel we unpacked our bags and got ready to go out! It was around 6pm when we arrived.

I always like to ask the hotel for restaurant recommendations, and the owner of this hotel recommended Ristorante Al 34, so we decided to go for that on our first evening. We walked all the way back and forth, passing by Colloseo again, through Via dei Fori Imeperiali to Via del Corso, up to the Trevi fountain and the Spanish steps with the 600 flowerpots, WOW!

The restaurant is located in Via Mario, and on the way there we also got a glimpse of the Via Borgognona, which is a high end fashion street!

We had a burrata to share as a starter, 1L of the house red wine (YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT!) and each some pasta for main course, even though it was listed as starters: Gnoggi Roma style and Fettuccini with mushrooms. Mm mm! A mouth-watering meal!


SATURDAY we woke up early and had breakfast in the basement of the hotel. We decided to combine some shopping and sightseeing, because we were afraid that the stores would be closed on Sundays, which they weren't! #Win!

We went shopping up Via del Corso to start with, and it didn't last long before I found a nice and comfy, silky outfit in Mango and some cool biker boots. Shopping makes you hungry, so and some point we needed lunch and we went to a cozy, narrow street (Via della Maddalena) where we both had Spaghetti (When in Rome...)!

After lunch we continued our tourist walk in the streets of the beautiful city - there is so much to see. Next up was the Pantheon, a former Roman temple, now a church, which is known for its circular ceiling with the round opening to the sky. The line seemed long, but it only took about 10 minutes, before we were inside.

We went to see Piazza Navona - the ancient Romans went there to watch the "games". It was pretty crowded and we went back outside the Pantheon, where we found a spot in the sun to have coffee and an ice-cream. The weather was 20 degrees celsius and we really enjoyed having a break in the sun.

On our walk we also saw plenty of churches. Every time we spotted a church, we went inside to see the pretty, decorated ceilings. Among others we visited the pretty chuch - Basilica dei SS Ambrogio e Carlo.

After many kilometres of walking, we went back to the hotel to relax. For dinner we went to a cozy restaurant in the neighbourhood - Pasqualino al Colloseo, where we both had Linguini with lobster with the house white wine. After the main course we shared a piece of REAL HOMEMADE tiramisu, and since the waiter insisted, that we should have a shot of limoncello, we also had that. I could really eat that dessert again!

SUNDAY was a busy day for us, because we ended up seeing a lot of things, even though we took everything slow. We decided to go to see a flea market next to Porta Portese. Since we like to walk we also walked all the way there. The flea market was huge and I think we spent an hour there, even though I only bought fishnet stockings (Fashion!).

We decided to walk even further, all the way up to see the Vatican City and say "Hi" to the Pope. We got there just in time to hear his Sunday preach. A thing that gets to my mind now is that we was so positively surprised about the security in the city, there was soldiers and huge concrete blocks everywhere, especially close to the tourist attractions. That really made us feel safe on our trip.

After the Pope's preach we walked back towards our hotel. On the way back we shared some goat cheese salad and a grilled pizza with an Aperol Sprtiz. Close to our hotel there was a huge parade or event with hundreds of people dressing up as ancient Romans, because it was the weekend of Rome's birthday. We sat in the grass for about an hour just looking at all the people and enjoying the weather, which was a lot better than back home in DK.

In the late afternoon we went to see The Roman Forum (the picture in the top of the post) and the inside of Colloseo. The Roman Forum is a rectangular forum surrounded by the ruins of several important ancient government buildings at the center of the city. We walked back and forth and up and down inside the huge area. The Colosseum or Colosseo is an oval amphitheatre built of concrete and sand. It could hold, it is estimated, between 50,000 and 80,000 spectators, having an average audience of some 65,000, and it was used for gladiatorial contests. It's crazy to think about how they were able to build that, at that time.

At night we went to a traditional trattoria and had some more pasta (what's not to love?). It was a nice experience, when you are visiting an old city, to eat at some of the "original" places where everything is homemade. We were so tired from all the walking and sun, that we got home to bed quite early.

MONDAY was our last day, and we had to leave after lunch. We also spend this day walking a lot, looking at all the pretty architecture. All in all we walked 52 kilometres from Friday evening to Monday afternoon - I think that is pretty good, but it was also needed with all that good food ;-)

I can only recommend a mother-daughter vacation. It is a very good way to get some quality time together and it was really relaxing for the soul, even though we saw so much in so little time. I hope it's not the last time we are exploring a city together <3

xoxo AM

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