A little “me time”!

Mother of nails👆🏼

Today I had my nails done, don’t they look cute or what? A summer-ish color, I know, but after my black nails I thought I needed some color in my life! I get my nails done every two weeks by Christina, who is the owner of BeautyByMikkelsen. I know that I get them done pretty often, but I’m just so clumsy that I need to get them fixed after two weeks. It’s very important for me to look good and I can’t stand if my nails don’t look pretty. I can’t have my own nails grow, I bit them when I was a little child and they are just so thin that they won’t grow, and if they do, they break easily. So I guess, this is money well spent! I’m so glad of the results she makes, and I really enjoy to go there every second week to have a chat and some me-time.

I also went to dining week with my girlfriend Karina. What a nice dinner🖤 We went to MAIO Restaurant, which is located at Illum Rooftop. We had 3 courses included polenta with some tallegio cheese/truffle fondue, risotto with safran and ossobuco and a very delicious dessert with some chocolate on top that tasted like the inside of a kinder bueno, OMG! I am full and satisfied right now...and ready to go to the gym in the morning, I guess that is needed! I love that balance, something for something!

Remember to do something good to yourself💕

xoxo AM

Synes godt om