#4: Guess where?!

In less than a week from now I will be leaving for trip number 4, and the fourth city will be....du-du-duuuuh.....ROME!!! I've wanted to go to Rome for many years and finally I'm going. This is the year I'm doing things instead of just thinking about it!

This time I'm not going alone either! I'm glad that I can get people to travel with we, because it's so delightful with a companion.

My travel companion will be my mom, YAY! I guess this is our first real vacation on our own. Well, when we lived in Germany and my dad moved to Belgium before I graduated from high school, we did have several road trips on our own to and from Belgium, but that is not the same. I remember a flat tire on a very scary road, with cars pulling through very slowly looking at us like we were an open buffet and my mom saying "don't look at them"! Omg!

This getaway will be a good opportunity to have some quality time together and get to know each other better, even though that seems to be impossible after almost 30 years together.

We are very exited for this trip, and especially my Mom. I'm glad I'm going with her, because she wants to arrange where to go and what to see, and I'm just in on it! Then I can relax even more, which is VERY needed!

My mom is more of a romantic than I am, I guess, because when we discussed what hotels we each would like, I realized that she is more into the typical, romantic Rome hotel and I probably like it a little more modern, or just "renovated within the past 10 years" modern, ha ha. Of course I let her chose the hotel in the end, and it looks very cozy and Rome-ish! I'm sure it will be great.

This weekend I am "home" for Easter, and we have talked about our upcoming Rome-trip, and we are both like "just let me know what you want to discover and do, and then we'll do it". There are so much beautiful architecture in Rome, and some of it we only need to walk by and see from the "outside" and get the good pictures, other things need more time and exploring. Shopping will also be on the program and lots of good food and drinks! We both have a heart for food and everything that is delicious, which is a lot! Mm mm!

I LOVE Italian food, but I've never been to Italy! What the....?! People who has been to Rome would claim that I've never even tasted real Italian food, which I'm sure is right and therefore I'm even more exited! Omg this will be such a great food experience!!!!!!!!!

We will leave next Friday around lunchtime and get back Monday night, which give us 3 full days in all, and that is, to me, the perfect length for a city getaway.

My mom is out getting books about Rome right now. That is cute. Normally I will go googling and looking at pictures and using Wikipedia, but the thing with book is that I get to put yellow post-its on the pages with places I want to see and do, and she can do the same, and then we have all the information together in one place and it's easy to get an overview of what to do, when to do it and in what order it needs to be done.

We are traveling with hand luggage, and again, I like the challenge! I succeeded doing just that in Berlin and I'm sure I can do it again! The weather is around 20 degrees Celsius which makes it easier to pack, because there will be no large jackets. Well okay, it's not that much easier because - what to wear?! It will never be an easy task to figure out unless you just bought something new! BUT I've found all my toiletries in travel sizes - dry shampoo, conditioner, volume spray, shampoo, lotion, and that is not to live without for a whole weekend!


We have now spent a couple of hours going through the books about Rome and exploring the internet and we have created a list of the must-sees and must-dos:

- Colloseum

- Forum Romanum

- The Spanish Steps

- Pantheon Temple

- The Trevi Fontain

- Piazza Navona - the most beautiful square

- Romes Birthday, April 21st

- Shopping: Via del Corso, Via Nazionale, Via Borgogna, Via dei Condotti, Via Babuino

- The Capitollini Museum

- Cruise on Fuime Tevere

- Restaurant La Terverna dei 40 (Via Claudia 40)

- Restaurant in the Trastevere area

Pictures from our Hotel - Hotel Celio

Synes godt om


Black and Shiny
Black and Shiny,
So I see the headline, was about to guess where, scrolled down and then BAM!! a picture of the colosseum. I mean... if you're gonna ask us to guess, give us a minute to work it out?!? NOT IMPRESSED!!