12 cities in a year - WOW!

I have made a commitment to myself. I will travel more. I have thought about it for a while and I have decided to travel once a month for a whole year!

Of course, something can come up, so I can't or won't keep travelling, but right now I'm really into it and when I set my mind on doing something, I work hard to complete it. It's important for me to finish what I start.

You only live once and we have got to remember that. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that phrase, and thought “OH YEAR!” when deciding to go out or not was in issue, or for example buying an expensive item. But it has got a whole new meaning to me and I would really like to change the way I live and live more in the moment.

For years my life has been a lot about work, like I have concentrated a lot on improving and getting “promoted” and I have always been thinking “what would be my next step” on my journey to success. At the same time I wonder if I will ever be satisfied, and that has made me think about the fact that there is a lot more in life than work. Personal development is very important to me, but until now I’ve only thought about work, but I will try to change my mindset and look outside the box of “work”.

A whole year is a long time and 12 cities is a lot! I will have to try to travel on my own for the first time. Whaaaaat! That's really exiting and scary at the same time. It will be some kind of a challenge for me, but I’ll take it! I am exited about it, and also a bit nervous. I know I can do it, but will I be bored on my own? I will bring books, of course, and go sightseeing and stuff, but as many other people, I am used to travel with a companion. I will though, travel with someone whenever it’s possible, and some of my friends have already told me what destination they would like to explore with me, we just need to figure out when.

2017 will be life changing for me, but that can only be a good thing. I’m at a point in my life where I have time to do it, or I will find time, but I don’t have anyone that I am accountable for. It’s all about enjoying life!

Follow me on my journey exploring the world, if you want :-)

xoxo AM

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