10 things you might not know!

...about me!

1. Many days I wear my giant headphones on my way home from work, without even listening to anything, I just love to cut out the noise and be in my own little bubble of silence and thoughts. That’s my way of stressing down after a long day at work!

2. When I do listen to something, I often listen to podcasts (“Anders & Anders”, “Her går det godt!”). That’s also a good way for me to stress down and I even listen to it while I’m at the gym running or working out.

3. I have anxiety, but right now it’s under control. Doing harsh times, I sometimes struggle with it. At the beginning I was so embarrassed about it, but I’ve learned to be more open about it, and not to be embarrassed. Thank you Lea for bringing up that subject today. The best cure is to talk about it! Read Leas post from today here - leale.dk!

4. I once participated in Popstars! The danish edition of “X Factor”. I got through the judges once, but then I got kicked out. (Ha ha, why am I mentioning this?). I was 16 years old and my biggest dream was to become a professional singer. A lot has happened since then.

5. I love to be home alone. I really enjoy my me-time and I will make it cozy with candles everywhere and fresh flowers, even though it’s just me.

6. I have a cleaning issue. I can’t relax if my apartment isn’t clean, and if it’s messy. Well, not just my own home, also when I’m visiting my friends and family. I will secretly dust off window sills and surfaces at my friends apartments. Not the mean way, but the way where they don’t even notice it, if I’m helping set up the table or whatever. Sorry. BUT to my defense, I am allergic to dust. Like really! I will sneeze everyday, more than once, and sometimes even 50 times maybe. I think it can have something to do with that. Or not.

7. I have a dream of moving to the States. I just feel that I belong there. It’s a weird feeling, but I can’t help it and maybe at one point, I’ll have to live out the dream!

8. I have graduated from an American High School. From age 16 to 18 I lived in Germany with my parents, where I went to an American High School. Cap & Gown, yes!

9. I’ve watched Modern Family (the 8 seasons available on Netflix) more than 6 times. I am watching it right now actually. I know it’s too much, but it’s also one of my stress down methods - not that I’m stressed out all the time.

10. I know everything about celebrities. (HA HA!!)! Mostly the American celebrities. Those skills, huh? I don’t know where this interest and knowledge comes from (well, I read a lot of American gossip magazines when I travel - it’s good entertainment for a plane ride - duh!), but I just seem to know every engagement, pregnancy, fight, nosejob and whatever is going on in that world! My friends even ask me sometimes, like “what was the name of that girl he cheated with?”, and something like that. Ha ha. Yes, it’s weird, but sadly true.

Have a fanta-bulous Tuesday💛

xoxo AM

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