How to be prepared for your weekend getaway:

1) Make a list! I always make a list before I go, so I won't forget anything. It can be everything from passport and phone charger to underwear and socks. I use the notes app on my iPhone.

2) Pack light! I always pack too much and there is almost no room for all the new stuff that I want to buy. What I do to change my way of packing is: all the clothes I want to bring with me I line up on the floor and do a "second opinion", this makes me pack less, than I first thought I needed. It's also a good thing to try and see the outfits in your head or even try it on (Girls will be girls!).

3) Buy travel sizes! With hand luggage you can only bring liquid in containers of 100 ml or less. Even if you don't travel with hand luggage, its a good way to limit yourself. Lotion, hair products etc. can take very much room and you can avoid that by buying the small sizes or you can even buy empty travel containers to fill with e.g silver shampoo, which I use myself.

Empty travel containers from Matas.dk

4) If you cannot limit yourself, book luggage! On most flights hand luggage is included, but you have to pay extra for checked in luggage. I just had my debut with hand luggage only, on my trip to London, and that was awful. On the way home, the airport staff stopped me just before boarding the plane and made me pay almost 400 DKr because I did a little shopping in London and therefore had a handbag next to my travel bag. WOOPS! I have learned a lesson and realised that I will just pay extra when I book the tickets, because this time I even paid more than double, for only one way.

5) Be in good time! For me there is nothing worse than stress, when you are on the go. Often you have to be in the airport an hour before takeoff. I always calculate with extra traffic or obstacles on the way and I will most likely be in the airport 1,5 hour ahead of departure. That leads to some extra time for you to buy a book, magazine, coffee or snacks (or all of it).

I usually buy this small hand lotion (52 DKr) and Water (10 DKr) in the TAXFREE shop right after the security check. Both things are placed just before the cashier. The hand lotion is SO good, and water is just necessary.

6) Check up on the transportation from the airport to your hotel. It is a very good idea to check up on this from home, so you don't have to use a lot of time and energy on that, when you reach your destination. Maybe there is a train or express going directly to or near to your hotel, that you don't know of. This is often a good way of saving money. Save that for food and wine! Many hotels even have an airport shuttle service.

7) Bring your sunnies! Sunglasses is something I can forget to bring, when I travel. When you leave your home and the sky is grey, sunglasses isn't the first thing on your mind. If you have prescription (sun)glasses like me, it's very bad to forget them at home. The sun might be out, wherever you go.

My favourite ones right now are my Rayban 2180v-49 and Lanvin SLN 582

8) Make reservations! If you want to eat at a particular restaurant or at a particular standard, I highly recommend that you make the reservation from home. Especially on weekends, restaurants can be fully booked, like in your own city. If you don't know or have heard of a restaurant, TripAdvisor can be a very good app to guide you in the right direction. With their filter function you can, as an example, chose only to see restaurants with the highest traveller ratings.

9) Be fully charged! Don't forget to charge your phone, camera, computer etc. I like that whatever electronic devices I bring with me, are fully charged. You never know if you encounter delays or when you will see the next power outlet. Be aware that in some countries around the world you might need an adapter > Travel Adapter Guide!

10) Bring a good book. If you read too little, like I do, or if you just love to read, like I also do, bring a good book with you. It's a good way to relax and forgot about everything around you. It's also a way to kill time on the plane.

The last book I read was "Release Me" by Julie Kenner. If you like erotic novels, you will like this one!

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